It was not often that Izuku Punched an Angry Snake. Sure, he had punched plenty of regular snakes in his day, but this one seemed different. Somehow angrier than the others and with a voice to boot! When it finally wiggled free from where Izuku had pinned its head against the ground, it yelled at him angrily before slithering away on angry feet.

“I don’t think I have ever met a snake that could talk before,” Izuku said as he shrugged and continued to walk along the sidewalk. He was late enough as it is, and Mina would be annoyed if he didn’t hurry up.

While usually his prey didn’t yell angry things at him, Izuku tuned him out anyway and bopped him one more time while he wriggled angrily like some sort of demented snake with its head pinned.

There was no reason to crush the snake. Who knows why it was so angry … maybe it was just a bad day?

Izuku wasn’t one to judge.

It was not often that Izuku punched a snake, but when he did it usually went something like this: Mina would call him for lunch and he’d leave his bag in the classroom before going down to meet her. While walking through town, a snake might slither up next to him and try its best at pestering Akatani with questions or comments about how bumpy their scales were today.

“Hey! You’re Deku from UA aren’t you? I saw your match against Kacchan on TV!” The snake said as much while trying to get around the hero-in-training so they could see each other better in the face. “What do you think about what happened?”

Izuku sighed at the snake’s question. He was always asked this by everyone he met on his way to meet up with Mina for lunch, but usually they were less polite about it than the menacing critter before him now. “What would you like me to say? That I’m thrilled that my childhood friend went too far and ultimately lost because of it? Or that I’m disappointed that Bakugou has yet again thrown away an opportunity to grow as a person despite being given many chances in the past?” Izuku said tiredly while stopping himself from walking so he could face the snake directly once more. The scaly creature seemed taken aback by how much had been laced into those few sentences, but Izuku paid it no mind. “I’ve had my say on the matter already and I don’t feel like repeating myself any more than I have to.”

With that said, he resumed walking towards Mina’s place of work where they would meet for lunch as usual despite having missed breakfast all together because of some snake.

As Izuku walked to Mina’s work, he realized that he was very hungry. He decided to look for a vending machine and see if they had any food at all. The first one did not have anything but soda, the second only had chips, and the third only had candy bars. After his last trip, Izuku knew better than to buy any of it even though he was starving.

He made it back to Mina’s work without getting food, but she got him something from her own lunch bag anyways! “I’m not hungry.” Izuku said grumpily while eating the food she offered him anyway. “You should eat it all up if you want to grow big and strong!” Mina exclaimed happily with a smile on her face!

As he ate, Izuku thought about how much better everything was when he wasn’t alone anymore before getting back to work just in time for lunch over at his girlfriend’s place of employment. He decided that there was no need to get angry today… even if someone wanted to talk snake puns.

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