Daichi served again, and Shisui received it this time, utterly delighted at the fair amount of power their captain put behind his serves. It’d probably serve them well in competitions. Pun intended. Shisui intended every pun because he wasn’t a coward.

He went for another hit, but the daichi slipped out of his hand. A ball flew past him and he had to duck quickly not to get hit in the head.

“Hey!” He shouted indignantly at his traitorous hands. “Fire some puns at me, I can take em’!”

Meanwhile Kageyama was having a mental break down because he couldn’t seem to send a serve over even though there was no one beside Oikawa. The awful foreboding feeling that had started on their last indoor training camp wouldn’t go away no matter what. It was already at its worst during practice matches, but now it didn’t let up for even a second.

“Do you have a fever?” Sugawara asked, furrowing his eyebrows. “Your serves are going all over the place.” He rubbed his chin as he thought about it for a bit before continuing, “I think I know what might help. Go ask Asahi-san to make you some of that tea he uses on himself when he has a fever. It always helps him.” Truly, whatever it was that Asahi made whenever he got sick definitely worked on Oikawa’s colds and fevers, but more on that later.

Kageyama nodded stiffly and went off in search of his service ace friend. They hadn’t been spending time together much lately because everyone had been busy or going on their usual end of the year trips.

“Hey, Asahi-san.” Kageyama’s voice was soft when he spoke up behind him, causing Asahi to jump at least two feet high in surprise. “Sugawara asked me to come ask you if you could make me some fever tea.”

Asahi grinned in delight and nodded eagerly before turning around to go grab his supplies for making tea. He came back with a large bowl that had what looked like at least two pounds of green powder inside it.

Kageyama knew Asahi really liked this particular kind of powder because he got obsessed whenever he ran out and would ask people to bring him back some more from their travels halfway across Japan. He had to admit, though, that it was pretty good if he drank it like tea and not mixed with milk.

Kageyama still felt a bit ill after Asahi handed him the bowl containing his medicine of choice and took him back to their team room where they would make tea together and spend time together for once since all their practices and games had been keeping them busy away from each other.

The intensity of the match rose as Iwaizumi served first, but Yamaguchi received it beautifully, bobbling slightly on impact before regaining control and sending the ball off at just the right angle so as to be sent straight over Iwaizumi’s head. It wasnt even a spectacular return, but it was perfect.

It always came down to Yamaguchi’s ability to put an opponent in a bind, Oikawa thought fondly as he looked on at the match while Shisui rejoined them on the sidelines. It was an incredible feat that Yamaguchi could hit anyone with his trademark spike, since it required pinpoint accuracy and just the right amount of power behind it to knock past even someone as tall as Iwaizumi who was second only to their captain in height.

“Yamaguchi!” Kuroo clapped happily from where he stood beside Bokuto next to Nekoma’s bench. He had scored over half of Nekoma’s points thus far, which wasn’t surprising given how well Yamaguchi played in general. There was a reason why he had made it this far in the tournament without dropping a game.

Kageyama glared at Yamaguchi after Bokuto’s outburst, taking in his effortlessly pretty-boy looks and looking like he wanted to punch him even more than usual when Bokuto grabbed him by the wrist with an excited bounce. He ripped his wrist out of Bokuto’s grip before trying to serve again, but ended up hitting the ball way too high for it to be considered legal or valid because his focus was taken away by how handsome Yamaguchi was.

Bokuto didn’t exactly help Kageyama’s mood either when he said along the lines of “Good job Yamaguchi-kun, keep it up!” in his usual over-enthusiastic way. He only seemed to cheer louder when he got a serve back from Yamaguchi with Nekoma in the lead for points at that point.

Oikawa scowled off to the side while this was happening, not really caring about Bokuto since he had never liked him anyway even before they had met Kuroo and fallen into friendships with each other by chance. Oikawa knew that Kuroo didn’t like Bokuto either because apparently they hadn’t exactly gotten along all too well during their own university days back in the day until one day Kuroo decided to give Bokuto another chance after getting reainted through some third party or another.

The rest as they say was history. Oikawa wasn’t even sure who had paired them up together in the first place, but if he had to venture a guess it would probably be Fukuroudani or someone terrible like that. It didn’t matter though because Kuroo had somehow fallen for him and said idiot had become his boyfriend not long afterwards. He still wasn’t over the shock of it all, even after three years!

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