Serving Puns

Daichi served again, and Shisui received it this time, utterly delighted at the fair amount of power their captain put behind his serves. It’d probably serve them well in competitions. Pun intended. Shisui intended every pun because he wasn’t a coward. He went for another hit, but the daichi slipped out of his hand. A […]

Harpy to Final Battle

“Ow,” Akaashi muttered quietly, releasing the harpy’s talons as Mai got off of him. “I will require bandages.” Mai glanced at the gash and hissed in sympathy. “Ow. You’re lucky we keep antiseptics and bandages up here just in case. And there’s a faucet over here, we need to wash it out before anything else. […]

Izuku Punches an Angry Snake

It was not often that Izuku Punched an Angry Snake. Sure, he had punched plenty of regular snakes in his day, but this one seemed different. Somehow angrier than the others and with a voice to boot! When it finally wiggled free from where Izuku had pinned its head against the ground, it yelled at […]

Fateful Night

“You guys stretched out, right?” His grandmother asked, leaning over Keiji with a smile. “We’re not that stupid,” Ennoshita groaned. “Of course we did.” “I need a drink,” Semari whined. “Something to take the edge off.” “Bleach?” Ennoshita suggested too cheerfully. Keiji wheezed, despite barely having the air to. The girls of Karasuno High School’s […]


As I walked to the end of the block I knew something was not right. A bead of sweat ran down my back. It was like a hot knife slicing through butter and made my nipples stick out. For some reason it was hard to catch my breath and my heart was racing. I looked […]